Lynn Parrish Sutton


Oceanly (2019)

Illustrated by Hazel Mitchell

Published by Kane Miller

Beachly, oceanly, shorely, this is the book to share with your loved ones, in, on, beside, or even while just thinking about the ocean.

Once Upon a Timely (2019)

Illustrated by Faith Pray

Published by Kane Miller

Whether you love them "glowingly like a dragon's fire" or "toweringly like a castle's spire" this adverb adventure is perfect for sharing, from once upon a time to happily ever after.

Also an Animal (2018)

Illustrated by Melissa Babcock Saylor

Published by Kane Miller

This joyful, animal ode to the love between a parent and child will have you pretending, imagining, learning and sharing with all the members of your animal kingdom.

Americanly (2016)

Illustrated by Melanie Hope Greenberg

Published by Kane Miller

Whether you love them colossally like the High Cascades, bountifully like the Everglades, wholesomely like a warm apple pie, or soaringly like a ninth inning fly, this loving exploration of the United States will have you shouting, "I love you shiningly, freely, Americanly!" Kid-friendly, bite-sized glossary available at

Animally (2015)

Illustrated by Hazel Mitchell

Published by Kane Miller

Animals large and small warmly and exuberantly highlight the many ways we love our children. I love you colorfully like a parrot. I love you playfully like a ferret. Whale, quail, hare, bear, impala, koala and many more help measure our abundance of affection in this rhyming declaration of devotion.

Poetry and Screenplays

Lynn's poetry has appeared in publications such as Ladybug, Babybug, The Friend, WeeOnes, The Christian Science Monitor, Mothering Magazine, Chelsea, Brain, Child Magazine, the Aurorean, Byline Magazine, Albatross, and The Kerf. Her poetry has also been recognized in the Dorothy Sargent Rosenberg Poetry Contest. She writes screenplays with her writing partner, UVM Film and Television Studies professor Sarah Nilsen.